Free Guest Lecture
Monday, February 13, 2017 • 10:00 AM
Speaker: Dr. Wendy Salmond, Professor, Chapman University
Lecture: The Timken's Russian Icons in an American Context
Wendy Salmon is a scholar of Russian and early Soviet art, architecture, and design.  She is particularly interested in exploring the intersection of diverse cultural traditions in Russia and in the formation of national identity.  She has written and lectured extensively on Russian icons, the Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau, and modernism in Imperial and Soviet Russia.  Dr. Salmond will provide an overview on the icon collection at the Timken and the ideas behind the reinstallation of the icon gallery.  For the first time in the museum's history the reconfigured icon gallery will include didactics to promote better understanding of the collection and Russian Icons. The focus is to provide information on individual icons and a broader contextual framework in which to appreciate their artistic, spiritual, social, and historical importance.
Location: Timken Museum of Art • Balboa Park, 1500 El Prado San Diego
This is not a ticketed event and no registration is required.  Please arrive at the Timken 10 minutes before the lecture so it can begin promptly.
Monday, February 13, 2017 -
10:00am to 11:00pm