Employment Opportunities

The Timken currently has no employment opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Timken has many volunteer opportunities available, both behind the scenes and in contact with the public. All volunteers receive on-site training and an invitation to an annual volunteer recognition reception. Volunteers who work more than 100 hours annually receive discounts at the museum store and free or reduced admission to Timken events.

Timken Gardens:

Help us maintain the beauty of the Timken gardens. We are seeking volunteers available three hours per month to help with the upkeep. Projects may include watering, weeding, mulching, pruning, and general plant maintenance. 

Donating your time is an excellent way to expand your knowledge of plants, share your love of gardening, and experience a different part of the Timken. Your volunteer effort will help the Gardens blossom and encourage Museum patrons to enjoy the outside world of wonder and inspiration.

For more information, please call 619.239.5548 or email: info@timkenmuseum.org

Internship Opportunities

Education Department Internship:

The Timken Education Department is offering one unpaid, part time internship position designed to provide a 12-week practical experience in an art museum setting. Students who are college seniors, recent college graduates, or graduate level students interested in pursuing a career in art museum education are encouraged to apply. The intern will work for an average of 10-15 hours per week. 

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Docent Program

The Timken’s Docent Training Program is a continuous 15-month program, offered every other year. The next training session begins in 2019. Training covers the history of art, European old masters, American paintings, and Russian icons with the focus on the works of art represented in the Museum’s permanent collection.

Docents in training also receive intensive preparation on touring techniques and strategies, with concentration on the necessary skills for touring children and adults. The training class meets every Monday from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Upon completion of the Training Program, new docents contribute a minimum of four touring hours per month. 

Docents are a vital part of the Museum; they lead gallery tours for adults, children, and special interest groups, and give community presentations. The Timken is dedicated to providing visitors of all ages with enriching experiences. Docents are integral to welcoming visitors and presenting information on the art at the Timken.

For more information, please call 619.239.5548 or email: krosenberg@timkenmuseum.org