Make the Most of Your Visit! 

Children are Welcome - We want children to enjoy the Timken. We invite them to quietly talk and enjoy our landmark art. Running and other physical activity in which they can hurt themselves or damage the works of art are not permitted. Children must always be accompanied by an adult. Strollers are welcome throughout the museum.

Service Animals are Welcome - Pets are not allowed.

Coat Check - For your convenience, a coat and bag check is available at the front desk. 

Enjoy the Quiet - We encourage discussions of the artwork with your family and friends.  Please be respectful to others who are reflecting on an artwork.

Look but Please Don’t Touch – Please avoid touching works of art. 
Paintings and other works of art are 
fragile and can be easily damaged.

Other Important Things to Know -Eating and drinking are 
not permitted in the museum. 
Photography and video is allowed unless otherwise stated, some special exhibits prohibit photography and videography. Please do not use your mobile phone 
for conversations in the galleries.