Jessie J. Knight Jr.

Jessie J. Knight, Jr. is Managing Director of Knight Angels, a private equity fund devoted to the financial and philanthropic support of grassroots leaders developing innovative community solutions. Mr. Knight retired in 2015 as Sempra Energy’s Executive Vice President of External Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer. Mr. Knight held C-Suite leadership for the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner newspapers. Currently, Mr. Knight serves on the Board of Alaska Airlines, also on the Board and executive committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. Mr. Knight previously served as commissioner for the California Public Utilities Commission and was the CEO of San Diego Gas & Electric from 2010-2014. Mr. Knight is the former President & CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and Executive Vice President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Knight also has international management experience with Dole Foods Company banana and seafood businesses as Marketing Director for Dole's North America pineapple business. Mr. Knight and his wife, Joye D. Blount, live in Charlotte, North Carolina.