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Fiz Henry Lane from Castine, Maine to San Diego! Tune into Dr. Derrick R. Cartwright's lecture with the Farnworth Art Museum. 

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# 1 - Curator's Corner - Eastman Johnson  Cranberry Harvest 

# 2 - Curator's Corner - Unraveling a Mystery from the Timken Vaults

# 3 - Curator's Corner- Dr. Derrick R. Cartwright's Interview with Marianela de la Hoz 

# 4 Curator's Corner - Dr. Derrick R. Cartwright's chat with Curatorial Intern Michelle about Timken Records

# 5 Curator's Corner - Another Look at Captivating Women

# 6 Curator's Corner - Changing Attributions at the Timken

# 7 Curator's Corner - Pet's of the Timken 

# 8 Curator's Corner - West's World 

# 9 Curator's Corner - Sculpture at the Timken

# 10 Curator's Corner - Celebrating Women at the Timken

# 11 Curator's Corner - Demystifying Deaccessioning at the Timken