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Fall Exhibition Boucher: Conservation in a Park

Now on view! In partnership with the Balboa Art Conservation Center, we invite you to witness François Boucher's Lovers in a Park under full conservation, publicly examined, cleaned, and preserved with the intent to demystify modern museum practices.

Camille Claudel at the J. Paul Getty Museum Timken Travel Day

Don't miss this rare opportunity to explore the first comprehensive North American exhibition focused solely on the work of Camille Claudel - one of the most important sculptors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Open House for Educators Foster Literacy in the Classroom through Art

Join us for a FREE professional development program that will bring educators together to explore educational approaches that promote literacy in the classroom.

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The Timken Museum of Art preserves the Putnam Collection of European old masters, American art, and Russian icons for the education and benefit of present and future generations of San Diego residents and visitors. The Museum celebrates the important role of art as a way of enriching lives and nurturing the creative spirit in us all.  

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