Summer Courgette Salad

As summer heats up, the Timken is turning to the Interior of the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam by

Emanuel de Witte for culinary inspiration. The strong vertical lines, repeating arches, and cool

palette draw comparisons to this refreshing Courgette Summer Salad.

Blueberry Almond Tart

Blueberry Almond Tart, honors American Artist Fitz Henry Lane and his work, Castine Harbor and Town. Lane painted with gentle blue colors, bringing to mind

the native blueberries grown in the region. Quintessential blues of the Maine landscape, simple

ingredients at the height of their season. We couldn't imagine a better pairing of art and cuisine.

French Vanilla & White Pepper Ice Cream

French Vanilla & White Pepper Ice Cream, is based on one of the paintings in the French Gallery - Vernet's

"Seaport at Sunset". The French vanilla and white pepper elevate a traditional dessert while paying homage

to the history of spice trades in Mediterranean seaports such as the one idealized in Vernet's painting.


Who hasn't gotten lost in Italian artist Bartolomeo Veneto and his work, Portrait of a Lady in a Green

Dress? Veneto's mastery of the opulent folds of the sitter's vibrant green overdress inspired in this

classic Italian Pesto Recipe. The pesto's signature rich color and bright mouthful of flavor is best when

basil is at its peak. An electric alchemy of simple summer ingredients. Culinary perfection.

 Okroshka Chilled Russian Soup

For this Timken inspired recipe, we literally translate the 19th-century Russian Icon, The

Protection of the Mother of God with Selected Saints. The soft pinks and grey-green botanicals,

framed by voluminous clouds, influence this take on the traditional chilled summer soup

okroshka. As the last of the summer heat lingers, we invite you to savor this refreshing dish.


As we transition into fall, there is an inherent desire to embrace the comforts of home,

pandemic notwithstanding. The figure in Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's View of Volterra, seems

to illustrate one such traveler's journey through rugged topography back to his village. And

what could be more welcoming to him than a deliciously comforting Canelé pastry? Today’s

Timken inspired recipe recreates the magnificent landscape, albeit with caramelized sugar and

French vanilla-infused custard. Would Corot be equally transfixed by this interpretation of his beloved landscape?

 Roasted Leek & Fig Pizza

Italian artist Paolo Veronese was known for his themes of religion and mythology seen here

with Madonna and Child with Saint Elizabeth, the Infant Saint John the Baptist and Saint

Catherine. We follow Veronese’s lead and take one of the most iconic religious symbols, the fig,

to reinterpret an Italian classic for today’s Timken inspired recipe, Roasted Leek, Pancetta and

Fig Pizza. Symbology aside, the roasted leeks and figs unequivocally mimic the colors found in

the figures' clothing. We find this culinary homage to Veronese's masterpiece quite delicious.

 Panzanella Salad

From the Timken's Italian Gallery, we bring you Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio's Portrait of a Youth

Holding an Arrow , the inspiration for a variation of an Italian summer staple, Panzanella Salad.

The high contrast of red and green complementary colors used by Boltraffio are deliciously

replicated by pairing tomatoes, cucumbers and basil in this Panzanella Salad.