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Sunday, August 18, 2024

Wine & Masters - The Art of Drinking Wine

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The Art of Drinking Wine: Wine Etiquette in the Age of the Masters

Join us for an evening of art and wine!

What was the ‘right’ way to drink wine in the Age of the Masters? Was there a right glass for each wine? A right wine for each occasion? Did you sip the wine or quaff it? How did you know when to stop? Who did you drink wine with? What were the right occasions for drinking wine – Banquets? Breakfast? At work? Before going hunting? All the above? There are plenty of written guides to wine etiquette in this period, but what does art tell us about the right way to drink wine? In this illustrated talk (followed by a wine tasting), Rod Phillips will lead us through the ins and outs of wine etiquette in the past so that we can see where our own comes from.

Cocktail Attire

4:00pm   Reception
Dessert Intermission
Wine Tasting
6:30pm   Event Concludes

Tickets: $95 Non-Member / $85 Member

About the Speaker: Rod Phillips is a professor of history at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. He is the author of many books and articles on the history of wine, including Wine: A Social and Cultural History of the Drink that Changed our Lives (2018), French Wine: A History (2020), and Alcohol: A History (2019). He is also an international wine judge, wine critic, and wine writer.