The Timken is well known for the quality of its exhibitions, from small exhibitions of single iconic paintings to surveys of the work of an artist or group of artists. The Timken holds three exhibitions per year, which draw hundreds of visitors from the United States and abroad.

The Rembrandt Society is a select group of Timken patrons who support of the Timken’s annual spring and fall exhibitions. We invite you to join this exceptional group that makes artistic excellence possible at the Timken Museum of Art. As a patron in this group, you will have a unique opportunity to deepen your personal experience with the Timken and enjoy exclusive privileges and special recognition throughout the year.

As a symbol of your commitment to art and special exhibitions at the Timken, we have created Rembrandt Society signature crystal glasses that are available exclusively for members in recognition and celebration of your support.

We hope you will join us in bringing more incredible art to San Diego through our exhibition program, and that you will be lifting one of these special glasses in a toast with us at a Timken event in the near future. For more information, please contact Alexandra Riley at or 619-550-5955.