The Woman in Blue Reading a Letter” one of about 36 known paintings by world-class master artist Johannes Vermeer will be showcased in the Timken’s exhibition Vermeer. Luminous and exquisitely rendered, “Woman in Blue Reading a Letter” (about 1663-1664) is one of Vermeer's most captivating portrayals of a young woman's private world. This generous loan from the Rijksmuseumin Amsterdam marks the first appearance of this remarkable painting in San Diego.

Praised as one of Vermeer’s most beautiful paintings, “Woman in Blue Reading a Letter” demonstrates the artist’s exceptional command of color, light and perspective.

The Timken's special installation allows visitors to have an intimate experience with “Woman in Blue Reading a Letter” and highlights one of the most distinctive and influential masters of the Dutch Golden Age.

The four-month exhibition also features a variety of events, which include noted scholars on Vermeer. Many of the events are free to the public and are designed to give guests an enhanced understanding of the Vermeer and other masterpieces in the Timken’s collection.

EXHIBITIONS ARE FREE - May 14 - September 11, 2015